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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Can Be So Crazy!

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew sometimes.  In saying yes to my daughter and trying to give her the experiences she loves, I crammed a few too many things into our weekend.  She performed in a concert at our church Friday night,  and had dance pictures AND ice show rehearsal Saturday morning.  Did I mention that I work part time at our church Saturday evening and Sunday mornings?  Oh, and she attended a fairy garden birthday party Sunday afternoon.  It was a bit crazy to say the least!

I should also add that dance pictures involve another difficult element--hair.  Hair is a major point of contention with us.  Basically, she can't stand for me to do her hair.  Last year, there was an ugly episode at the dance recital dress rehearsal that ended with her and me crying in the car on the way.    So, there was additional element of stress Saturday morning.  Oh, and she doesn't like to wear tights over her feet (she likes footless) and I had to break that one to her.  I had decided ahead of time that since she has a short bob haircut, that a bun wasn't happening for us with our issues.  So, I just went for a neat ponytail, and if some hair-talented-mother could help when we got there, great!  If not, the world wouldn't end.

We managed to get the ponytail in without a major melt down (just a little one) and thank goodness a talented-hair-mother was there to help fake a bun.  The tights went on without a hitch--I totally put it off on the dance teacher..."Miss Claudette said you HAVE to wear footed tights with your costume..."   And yet,  I should have listened to that voice in my head that said "bad idea...don't do it" but I found myself saying the words,"yes, you can wear a little make up and mascara."  Mascara ended up getting in her eye and there were more tears.  Luckily, with a little eyemakeup remover, damage control was complete!

As difficult as preparing for pictures may have seemed--getting together hair, make-up & costume pieces, and arrive NOT crying--at least I knew I wasn't alone.  One mother lost the arm poofs to the costume and another little girl started crying and rubbed her eyes, which caused mascara to run down her face just as they were going in to take pictures.  Life can be so crazy!  At least in this crazy dance of motherhood, we can look at each other and see that lots of other women are on this wild and wonderful journey with us!